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Itkan Law Firm

Setting the standard for Libya

Excellence is the hallmark of our legal solutions.

Ask Itkan Online for Non Corporate

Real Lawyers. Real Answers. Fixed Fees

Ask Itkan online is a legal service offering the best specialist advice in all areas of Law across Libya. 

Clients’ Testimonials

Itkan Law operates in a genuine niche as a law firm providing international law firm levels of support and responsiveness in connection with the Libyan jurisdiction.

Albudery Shariha has unrivalled expertise in the Libyan legal market. He also has excellent local knowledge which informs his legal advice. We consider Itkan to be the premier law firm in this market.

In-depth knowledge of Libyan laws and regulations… practical know-how of how the Libyan public sector actually functions In Libya, the procedural, registration and documentary requirements associated with a transaction are often opaque and it is essential to seek guidance from an adviser who can offer more than a purely written analysis of the laws themselves.

Our Prestigious Clients

At Itkan Law Firm, we take pride in our diverse and renowned client base, representing top-notch companies and organizations across various sectors. Our clients include Anas, APR Energy, BP, BR Petrobras, Cisco, EY, Google, HSBC, MedcoEnergi, Petrofac, PIAG, PwC, Shell, Wade Adams, and LIA. Our dedication to delivering outstanding legal services has solidified our reputation as a trusted partner for these esteemed clients.

APR Energy
BR Petrobras
Wade Adams