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The Vision

Since our establishment in 2005, Libya has experienced significant changes. As a law firm, we have been driven by an entrepreneurial and socially conscious spirit, embracing these changes to help shape the future. Our commitment to the Libyan market persisted even when others withdrew. This dedication will continue to guide our path forward. We will maintain our independence, offering first-class legal services to our global clients, acting as trusted advisor, and zealously safeguarding their interests in dispute resolution, asset protection, and business growth.

We believe lawyers are critical agents of social change who must promote innovation, sustainability, and economic and social development. To become the law firm that best supports our clients and employees in shaping Libya’s future, we must break free from traditional Libyan legal market models.

Our 2021-2025 Vision comprises four main pillars:

  1. Striving to be Libya’s first genuinely national full-service law firm, expanding on our London, Tripoli, and Benghazi presence to cover all major business centers and practice areas.

  2. Pursuing our goal of becoming Libya’s first fully digitalized law firm, leveraging technology to automate routine tasks and processes, allowing our professionals to focus on value-added client services and professional development.

  3. Aspiring to be Libya’s first genuine legal partnership, offering equity stakes to all professionals, fostering an equitable workplace, attracting top legal talent, and ensuring sustainable growth.

  4. Committing to being Libya’s most socially responsible law firm, emphasizing our positive impact on local communities and the world. As the first Libyan firm requiring professionals to dedicate a portion of their time to social impact and pro bono activities, we lead by example.

As Libya’s transformation continues, our mission is to guide our clients in successfully navigating the opportunities and challenges that arise, embracing every future direction.