The Vision

Libya has gone through many profound changes since we first opened our doors in 2005. Throughout this time of far-reaching transformation, we have always been driven by an entrepreneurial and socially conscious spirit, embracing change in order to help shape the future. This is why we chose to keep investing in the Libyan market when others would not. Now the same values will drive where we go next. We will remain independent and in control of our destiny so that we can continue to provide first-class legal services to our clients from around the world, to sit alongside them as a trusted advisor and to passionately guard their interests by helping to settle their disputes, protect their assets and grow their businesses.

But in addition to this, we believe that lawyers are key agents of social change who have a responsibility to promote innovation, sustainability and economic and social development. Therefore, in order to become the law firm that can best help our clients – and our own people – prepare for and shape the future of Libya, we believe that we must break free from the traditional models that currently dominate the Libyan legal market.

To achieve this, we have adopted a 2021-2025 Vision that includes four main pillars:

  • We aim to become Libya’s first truly national full-service law firm, building on our existing presence in London, Tripoli and Benghazi to cover all major business centres and practice areas.
  • We aim to become Libya’s first truly digitalized law firm, creating a technology platform to automate routine tasks and processes so that our professionals can focus more on value-added client services and their own professional development.
  • We aim to become Libya’s first true legal partnership, ensuring that all of our professionals will have an equity stake in our business because we believe that this will help us attract the best young legal talent, promote an equitable workplace and sustain our growth far into the future.
  • We aim to become Libya’s most socially responsible law firm. We have always been committed to having a positive impact on both our local communities and the wider world and we recently became the first Libyan firm to require its professionals to spend at least [●]% of their time on social impact and pro bono activities.

The transformation of Libya is far from over, and our mission is to help our clients successfully navigate the many opportunities and threats that will emerge from this ongoing transformation, in whatever directions it may go.

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